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What Sectarian Violence?

This is NOT about the on going sharing and caring going on in Iraq, as they move forward on the president's policy of staying the course. Instead this has to do with the question of what types of Sectarian Violence will be the fashion rage CONUS.

At present, El Presidente is trying to use the fiscal excuses that we really do not need that many boots, for downsizing the size of the military. But does that really make sense? I mean here we are on the verge of needing to maintain the safety of Iraq, while at any moment any of the other Axis of Evil, and the Evilettes, could be seeking to destroy our White Christian America. So is the president merely setting up some of the places to be more of a target, so that well, there will be a need to save america from the failurers of liberalism?

Or is the Prez merely upset that having missed the troop retention and enlistment numbers, that gosh, golly, having smaller numbers will be easier to cope with emotionally. Since, gosh, it will help the ProWarTypes who are still hiding in the rear with the beer feel less guilt ridden by, well, their failure to 'vote with their feet' and become the boots we need to keep america American.

Which worries me a tad, especially in light of the mixed messages coming out of The Supremes. Earlier there was the concern about whether or not the Federal Government should be allowed to be involved in cases where there are cross state terrorist operations conducted, supported, and condoned, by the so called 'pro-life' groups. While right now there is that whole Anna Nicole Smith Crisis:
In fact, Tuesday's oral arguments only got exciting when it was time for opposing counsel to present its case. Several justices, most vocally Stephen Breyer, seemed skeptical of the argument that Texas law barred a federal court from participating at all in the inheritance dispute.

"Under Texas law, the probate court determines the universe of people with legitimate claims," G. Eric Brunstad, arguing on behalf of Marshall's son, E. Pierce Marshall.

Complicating Smith's case is the fact that J. Howard Marshall did not leave anything to her in his will. But as a California bankruptcy court later found, he instructed his attorneys to create a "catch-all trust" for Smith, which E. Pierce Marshall later sabotaged. Breyer was especially disturbed by the "many fraudulent things" E. Pierce Marshall did to keep his father's fortune to himself, including forging documents, according to the bankruptcy court's findings.

[ cf FauxNews ]
WOW! Talk about stepping out there into the Completely Much More Interesting Pair Of Legal Issues....

So we shall just have to wait with baited breath, for this
... movie-of-the-week as her story may be...
at least it should keep the core fox news base amused while the big kids work out the funky details.

Does this mean that while the Court, and the Prez, and all of the NeoConClownCarCrew, are all just excited as all get out about the open support for sectarian violence here in america, they haven't been able to figure out where exactly are they going to get the Line Troops to maintain the sectarian violence here CONUS. So we will just have to accept that here in america, well, we are once again losing out to the overseas sectarian violence...

Where are the sort of Nationalists who would be more willing to do their part to support the Correct Implementation of All American Sectarian Violence, were it not for that small technical problem, that it means way too much work for the ProWarTypes who would really like to be actively engaged in the All American Sectarian Violence, but just can't figure out how they could do that without blowing their cover for why they have been sitting on their faces for the last how many ever years.

Or is the NeoConClownCarCrew going to hopefully Import Some Professional Sectarian Violence Enablers who will be able to provide the correct level of motivation for the rest of the true believers about why now, more than ever, it is just so much more important that they go and commit acts of violence against the Evil Anti-American Types who do not support the Dictates of the Argument From Intelligent Design, and hence are alligned with the terrorist.

I mean the market did close below 11,000 on The DOW, and well, damn, should the More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou be out there protecting us from the Evil Doing Evil Doers who not only stabbed our valiant fighting forces in the back with their Anti-American ProEvilDoer Failure to be the correct ideology. But the Far Greater Apostasy and Horror of it all, made the DOW go down - which is clearly bringing about God's Vengence On America for allowing Anti-American ProEvilDoers to still be inside of america.


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