drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Do YOU even want to ask, "they did what?

or would that be too close to an admission that you have always been a terrorist.
Yesterday we learned about the CIA's larger involvement in developing torture techniques at Guantanamo Bay -- techniques previously thought to have been developed primarily by the military.
Just the week after that, a senior CIA lawyer, Jonathan Fredman, instructed Guantanamo officers on various SERE-pedigreed torture methods, including waterboarding. "If the detainee dies," Fredman said, "you're doing it wrong." In response, the chief Guantanamo Bay attorney, Lt. Col. Diane Beaver, said, "We will need documentation to protect us."
[ cf Today's Must Read ]
Do I have to explain to americans that SERE school is about teaching folks how to deal with what was called "TORTURE" back when TORTURE was a CRIME.

Ah yes... but, uh, when it comes time to make america a rogue state - because the folks in the Chain Of Command have decided that BEING the state sponsoring terrorism is MORE Important... well, who better to go talk to than the folks who have been preping our folks to DEAL with the very real threat that they will be handed over to folks who will torture them.

That there is a real live prospect that they will not get a board certified torturer, and really risk a high chance of actually coming up DEAD.

Would this be a bad time to explain that IN THE REAL WORLD the old myths about 'name, rank and serial number' went with Elvis Back to the Mother Planet???

Or should we just say:

THANK GOD We Have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They not know the classification of the bibliography of the SERE Student Manual...

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