drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Did YOUR Investment Portfolio FORCE Sharia On Americans?

Hey kids, did you do the right thing? Or did YOU back terrorists with your Investment Portfolio!

YES we are asking YOU, are YOU backing Terrorists by badly investing in dangerous Pro-Terrorists Kliques:
To defend itself against a lawsuit by the widows of three American soldiers who died on one of its planes in Afghanistan, a sister company of the private military firm Blackwater has asked a federal court to decide the case using the Islamic law known as Shari’a.

The lawsuit “is governed by the law of Afghanistan,” Presidential Airways argued in a Florida federal court. “Afghan law is largely religion-based and evidences a strong concern for ensuring moral responsibility, and deterring violations of obligations within its borders.”

If the judge agrees, it would essentially end the lawsuit over a botched flight supporting the U.S. military. Shari’a law does not hold a company responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their work.
In April, Presidential asked a federal judge in Florida to dismiss the lawsuit because the case is controlled by Afghanistan’s Islamic law. If the judge agrees that Afghan law applies, the lawsuit would be dismissed. The company also plans to ask a judge to dismiss the lawsuit on the constitutional grounds that a court should not interfere in military decision-making.

[ cf U.S. company: crash lawsuit governed by Islamic law (emphasis mine) ]
YES, go back and really re-read that.

The Black Water Army, which is indemnified in iRaq from being held legally accountable, has decided that they really LOVE those Islamo-Fascist Muslim Shari'a laws MORE than the contracting nations laws.... WOW!!!

And to think that this is a Case In Raleigh Afghanistan? Helloo? I guess from now on out we can just call those former states of the union, Upper and Lower iCarolina, where the Islamo-Fascists sit around doing their whole Haji Thing....

So yes boys and girls, some times backing the privatization of the military means supporting foreigners against our american troops....

Would this be a bad time to talk about the nice american family who is having to set up a trust fund to raise the money to bury their child who died fighting in Afghanistan? Or would that merely be more Piling ON???

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!!
They Shiney!!!!

They have no idea what a law is to begin with!

update: it is GREAT to hear that the president of a private corporate is going to pitch that they have special military grade rights in Afghanistan, that they should not be held responsible for....

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