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But Where Is The Call To Bomb Unbelievers?

I'd be more impressed with
From election cycle to election cycle, it's hard to predict what issues will rise to the top and really drive the electorate. In prior decades, no politician would talk about illegal immigration. In the last election cycle, it was one of the main issues on voters' minds. Now, the soaring price of a barrel of oil has led to steep increases in the price of gasoline. The price has reached the boiling point to where voters aren't just grumbling, they are demanding action, and the action they are demanding is different from the recent past.
[ cf Gas prices emerging as #1 issue - Are you listening Sen. McCain? ]
But once again, it is the same FAILED liberal agenda!!!!

Murder Bambi's Mother, let someone get some oil from the wild life preserve. Then Murder Nemo, because we need to go out there to the coastal areas.

But where is the call to cut Demand the God Fearing All American WAY????


Dead Ferring Devils do not grow up to become terrorists!!! They do not grow up to become god hating america bashing overseas consumers who want to live like the americans live, but in their own country!

It would work on 24 if the Evil Liberals were not keeping Jack Bauer Local Toturing Unbelievers, and allowed him a global scope of removing unbelievers who might also have information before they are expired!!!

What is it with these Draft Dodging Dope Smoking Anti-War NeoConClownCarCrew????

Don't they want a real chance to win a real Resource War that is bigger than merely the cute cudly one that they display on their Girlie Little 72" 1080p HD display attached to their girlie game console!!!

Why aren't they willing to Support TOTAL VICTORY!!!

Clearly by forcing the Demand Down, there are the advantages, that the locals over there will respect us more as they enjoy getting their very own Hotel Rwanda, and the blessing of the Pope, and everything!!! Think how much happier they will be freed from the sort of crass consumerism of the degenerates who have been driving up the demand for American Oil that is currently technically in the hands of unbelievers who want to be saved from their sins!!!

Are YOU doing your part to save the sins of Unbelievers?
Win Fabulous Prizes!!!

THANK GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They bring the freedom of true belief to the unbelievers who need to be saved from their sin of unbelieving!!!

Also, why is it that no one ever recommends recycling illegal immigrants and unbelievers CONUS for their very useful forms of Bio-Fuels? More failed liberalism lurking amongst the unbelievers in the NeoCon Camp?
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