drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Die Hard, The Culture Of Fear....

Having just gone through die_hard v1 and v2, and will most likely do v3 tonight, it strikes me as interesting that this who KulturOfPhear was so prevelant in amerikan kultur even back before KlintonestaIsmOfEvil!!!

Ok, so there is also this other ugly question.

Do Americans really agree that John McClane should just STF, Sit Down, and Leave Combatting Terrorism to the Professionals, because only the Directorate Of Homeland Security knows which off shore wells MUST be Drilled to Bring Freedom and Protection From FEAR!!!

Or is there a Hyper Level Of Irony that leaks through about actually getting americans engaged....

You know, being the person who does what has to be done, because it is the right thing, and not because one can make Billions Of Dollars pimping no-bid contracts to what are now foreign corporations, like Haliburton, who has off shored itself....

Hum... makes me wonder also how many of the Real Many Butch Die Hard Fans have been willing to follow their interesting ideological posseur posturing into say the hostile fire pay zone, and then are they there as the welfare queens of the Department Of Defense, or as one of the Cool Contractors.....

Wonder why Red HollyWood is not doing that sort of survey for Entertainment ToNight
Next Up: Combat Records Of Die Hard Fans - and the draft dodges they really used.
Next, On Geraldo!
ah yes...
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