drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Well the supreme's are out with their anti-Rico ruling.

The Supreme Court justices ruled unanimously that a U.S. appeals court was wrong to send the case back to a federal judge to consider four additional acts or threats of physical violence.

Justice Stephen Breyer said for the court in the narrow ruling that those four instances fall outside of the scope of the law at issue. He sent the two cases back to the appeals court to enter a judgment for the anti-abortion groups.

The lawsuit was filed in response to attacks by anti-abortion extremists who picketed, blockaded, burned down and even bombed reproductive health clinics, as well has harassed and intimidated patients and health care providers.

The Supreme Court first ruled in 1994 that the federal racketeering law could be used to challenge the clinic blockades. In 2003, the Supreme Court reversed the judgment that the anti-abortion groups had committed extortion and had violated the racketeering law.

[ cf reuters ]
Makes one wonder which side the President will be on this matter.

Does he really believe, as he has said about other political organizations, that they should not have an armed wing. And if he actually beleives that, does he still believe that with regards to the armed wing of the Pro-Life Movement?

Or would that complicate the current ongoing discussion about the WhateverOnWhomever?


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