drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

"Live Free Or Die Harder" - a Chick Flick!!!

God they could have just been polite and put the sub title:
Jay And Silent Bob Die Harder With A Jedi Mind Meld Vengence of Bad Boys
Something to WARN PEOPLE!!!

I mean, hello!!! when we start out with John McClane merely pulling out some guy from a car. I mean hello!!!

WHAT SORT OF FAILED PRE-911 Anti-Family Message are we sending to children these days? Where is the patriotic approach? Where are the sniper teams. You know if there was enough reason to pull him out of a car then clearly as a terrorist, one MUST torture him there, and then ship him off to gitmo. Or simplify the matter and have the Snipers cleanz him.

Some how we are suppose to overlook this CRISIS IN AMERICAN FAMILY VALUES as just one more way in which Red Hollywood is engaged in destroying our white christian america. Somehow the writers in hollywood forgot that it is a father's obligation to call in at least Mortar Fire on his daughter when she is making out with some guy as the Bible DEMANDS!!!

But does Red Hollywood CARE about traditional family values? Do they care about sending a Pro-Family values message that persons are considered already convicted of the crime, simply because someone considers them to be criminal? Do they care about restoring Parental Rights to NAPALM whole villages simply because their daughter wants to be some wanton fluzzy!

The rest of the film is about how his daughter manipulates things to try and get a date with a cute guy.

McLane wanders off to fail to assasinate a hacker, because irrationally he is engaged in the failed liberal pre-911 culture where police bring in 'for questioning' persons of interest, as if that means that the person of interest is suppose to be breathing when questions!!! How Pre-911.

Then there is John McLane's WAR AGAINST AMERICA as he attacks american air superiority, showing that his whole radical left wing extremist agenda is just more of the same old failed Red Hollywood Propoganda.

Ok, the DVD has some fun, as it shows how HORRIBLE things have become. There is now a Kommunist Islamo-Fascist Feminizing Klique Guyz Nite - I mean, hello, turning a three letter word into a four letter word, so that it looks like Grlz just admits that it is all some sort of Rad Femi Surf Nazi Kultural Assault.

So bottom line. If you have nothing better to do, and have decided to go out on a 'date' and want to see some whiney wimpy chick flick that is totally nostalgic for the whole Failed pre-911 "culture", then this is the very Jane Austen Look Alike Film for the 21st Century!

Fortunately I waited till the dvd came out so I can watch it in the privacy of my own home, with the Dragon Hit Squad...

Any Question? Clearly Chick Flick Country!!!

And then there is this:

sometimes decalf IS an imperative.
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