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But Mine Is Bigger....

In the continuing saga of the somewhat desperate efforts to return to normalcy, I had way too much fun this weekend.

As the great maxim asserts:
When The Going Gets Weird
The Weird Go Shopping!
So I decided that rather than give up, and try to crawl back into bed and wait for the glorious restoration of the 19th Century, there was nothing left to do but Accelerate!!! Off to find these really cool things that I had found factory rebuilds for, and of course, PLONK. No More of those, so it was merely a minor matter of doing the dollar cost averaging on the 'buy the next generation of soon to be out of date technology'.

The only modestly useful part of that was actually getting out long enough to walk around enough. The down side is finding out that my credit card freaks PANIC'd because someone cracked a vendor, and that vendor, while unable to validate that I personally was compromised, conceeded that my credit card number might be exposed. Great, Whoopie, Oh please. I learn this, when they decide to SPAZ while I am buying something other than groceries on that credit card. The nice clerk behind the counter and I giggle about the number of buttons and other play acting at security that we must do, because, well someone's fraud detection unit is working a saturday, while everyone else is out there denouncing the Radical Left Winger like William F. Buckley for Opposing the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! so of course they have to 'share the pain with someone'. The card got turned down at the grocery store, so I used another, got home, learned that it really was more than the usual Whine.

Got through one more day of counting breaths and meter's transitioned.

Ruth dropped by for the Planetary Society Gathering at Moffette - so we GO SHOPPING! This time to Costco, as I have decided that I can live with sucking wind, I can not live with my belly acting like it has been victimized by some whiley and wanton wicked womanly Won, who has knocked me up and left me standing on the side of the road with my portraits of barbara straissand, as in that documentary about Doctor Gonzo going into the Heart Of The Horror Of It All!!! No Way I was going to wind up on the wrong side of the road facing the bouncing ball of a reality check that I had finally stepped over one cosmic line too many and there were going to be no more golf shoes left to help me get past the check in counter to the buffet in the Bar!!!

So I decided she would be willing to help me get one of those Ab Lounger Thingies - and on our way there thought, What do you think about this type of combo DVD/vhs thingie spininning system. And I was following most of what she was saying as the Gills Started to open up and expand, as the trident pointed tongue went over the wonders of the Composit Video Options..... The Bats, this was Bat Country, but did she really like Composit Video that much that she was willing to mutate right beforer my eyes! So I said,
Ok, but you have to hook it up.
And around the corner, past the open sulphourous pits of screaming victims of failed liberal ideology being turned into brisquette and rotisserie people parts. Pick up the Ab Lounger and home again, home again.

Assemble the DVD connections - power thingies, see that it works. Power that all down before I have one more of those
Mommy, They're Here!
moments that have been haunting me as I restructure my drug regimine. Hey, be realistic, how much oxygen does one life form need to deconstruct into long skanky carbon molecule chains?

Then we go through, "and the some assembly required" paper diagramme that is suppose to be as obvious as
do not accidentally bomb a country you really did not mean to bomb, PERIOD
Yes I get it, years of the evil liberal educational system, and our civilization is one technological fart away from being the rapacious ruin of all that we know and the lliving dead wandering around aimlessly looking for any more Brains to turn into Brie For The Soiree. But we get it constructed and kick on down the road - because, well, damn - that does exactly what we were expecting.

I knew it was a good purchase, when she said she was envious - and she is a jock, and jocks know all about those Jock Types of Things. And it is off to the lovely conference on why the deeper insights that Oceanographer's have been acquiring over the last couple of decades has extra bonus special sauce, since, well damn, if Europa really does have wet water under that Ice Sheet Face, then hum... what would be the sorts of life forms that would grow around their black stacks... And that was a nice technolgical kick over, since ruth has been a backer of the planetary society - and never really knew much about oceanography.

When I finally got over the fasting, out of the lab work, over my anxieties, hey, be realistic dude. If it was something I could suss out on my own, do you think I would darken the doors of a hospital to have some medical person tray to clarify the details?

But on the upside, i was so pleased to be able to tell my co-workers, who work with Digital Video and stuff, that I finally got a DVD hooked up to my TV. Ok, I got someone else to hook up a DVD to my TV. And they all look at me like my deeliBoppers were Drooping Perversely, and I said,
"Hey, like it's a hardware thing you know...."
Some people. They are so weird.


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