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Why DO they hate freedom??

The recent spike in oil prices and unemployment is dramatically changing this presidential campaign -- virtually overnight. The near $20 jump in oil to $140 a barrel, the unexpected half-point increase in the jobless rate to 5.5 percent (the biggest monthly increase in 20 years) and the resulting 400-point plunge in stocks have created a new campaign issue right before our eyes.

Public worry No. 1 is now oil, jobs and the economy, with the inflationary woes of the U.S. dollar right underneath. The candidate who can connect with these issues will win in November. But so far neither Barack Obama nor John McCain is dealing with the new political reality.

In fact, it's all about oil right now. The price has doubled over the past year, while the economy has slumped.

But here's an eye-opener. Recent polling data from Gallup show the percentage of voters blaming oil companies for skyrocketing gasoline prices has dropped from 34 percent to 20 percent over the past year. At the same time, support for more drilling in U.S. coastal and wilderness areas has increased to 57 percent from 41 percent.

[ cf Voters Say 'Drill' -- But Neither Candidate Gets It. ]
Hey, it is great to see that Kudlow is still out and about advancing his Stinking HIPPIE Peace Freakisms...

Suddenly there are all of these Majikal Oil Fields in America....

But what if we need to preserve our American Oil so that we can maintain the bomber fleets, and the fighter aircraft that will keep those iranian flying saucers from coming back!!! So that we can keep our tanks fighting against the Hordes of Unbelievers...

I mean, why should we be frivilously squandering our American Oil on a bunch of failed liberal feel good types who are not willing to support the Resource Reclamation Combat Crews???

We are in a Resource War... So shouldn't the president have been putting OIL into the Strategic Reserves... rather than trying to diddle the market...

And why are so few of these majikal 'we are not free market droids' now so majikally opposed to their prior positions about how the free market is about allowing the global economy to deal with the global issues.

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!
They Gooder Too!!!
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