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why is it that the folks who hate the current ruling of the court whine like
Anyone who agrees with this ruling needs to be deported to Afganistan....I am so sick of this feel good liberal society we live in.

Joe Christopher, Richmond,

[ cf Supreme Court ruling cripples Guantanamo trials ]
Could it be that they so have not figured out why they want to have the rule of law?

Or are they just unsure why their majikal powers are majikal....

What if it is NOT about a 'feel good liberal society' - but about the fact that one prefers the tedium of the court system to the real unpleasantness of WarLordIsm!!!

So gosh, why don't these whiners about the evils of liberals wander off to some place where they can live out their happy war lord fantasies - since clearly they are just not getting enough through SCA!!!

Those of us who have served are just not impressed...
Tags: bushcheney2008, war

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