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Great Break Through For IngSoc MiniWhatEver!!!

Now Things Will Be More Similarly Different!!!
Prime Minister Gordon Brown won passage of a key piece of anti-terror legislation in Parliament on Wednesday, but analysts said the victory was too narrow to revive Brown's sagging public approval figures.

Brown's controversial proposal to allow police to hold terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge, up from the current 28-day limit, was approved by the House of Commons on a vote of 315 to 306.

[ cf Anti-Terror Bill Passes In Britain ]
Yes!!! There you Have IT!!!

Parliment makes more numbers Numerical, and in this case brings the Meaning Of Life to the process of Providing Information Containers Legal Protection in the cases where their Terrorist Fellow Travellors are willing to actually make the sort of enquires that will expose them as Known Terrorist Fellow Travellors of Gertie The Gay HomoZeXual Golf Cart Gollom, and that they were actually intent on having themselves detained because they were raising questions about the existence of persons whom the Government may not have learned that they should be currently detaining, legally, or by what ever means are available through MiniWhatEver!!!

Yes, IF you are a know Terrorist who has not yet been detained for at least the minimum detainment period, you can now lawfully request that the Government detain you for no more than the Meaning Of Life before they will need to establish to any other Terrorists that they too will need to be detained for the Duration of the Meaning Of Life.

For those of you new to IngSoc, back in the fun filled days, detainees were obliged to be held incommunicado for no more than 96 UnitOfTimeToBeDetermined, and that they could be transferred to another court or detention provider service, within that 96 UnitOfTimeToBeDetermined, and the former detaining or court provider service, was under no lawful obligation to break their silence about whether or not the person causing all of the Fuss needed to be likewise detained. Since clearly the process of making enquiries is a form of Terrorism, in that it spreads doubts about whether or not a given court, or special operations branch, or such detention services providers were able to be at any time cognizant, as well as know if they had at any time met themselves.

Thus a person might be detained by one security branch of the civilian system, and processed for possible possession of information, without actually being recorded as having been detained by that branch of the civilian system, who may or may not ship the information container to another branch of the government, such as handing them over to say the Customs Court, where as an Information Container, it would be possible to raise questions about whether or not they had ever contained any unlicensed forms of information for which some form of inland revenue was due. At which point they may or may not be transferred through the various branches of the military - presuming that they are still actually talking to each other - since in some nations, when the traditional family values time for a coup arrives, they tend to get a bit pissy about the matter of who gets to through the Coup and where all of the cool swag will be passed along, so you have to be careful about your timing here, as you can actually lose an information container, since the other branch of the service may not let you have your container back unless you give up a first round draft pick for the coming coup.

Your mileage may Vary!!!

But Clearly THIS IS A GOAL for IngSoc!!! That will show all of those EuroSynthPop that when it comes to post apocalyptic Horror Goth Zombie Scary Bits, IngSoc Leads The Way!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Bring the meaning of life, and all of that, to everyone who has officially been vetted as actually existing at this time.
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