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Evil Americans Who Hate America Badly!!!

A hornet’s nest was stirred up recently by my public endorsement of Obama as our next president and then again with my recognition during a speech at University of Virginia of the cousins in my family who are descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. (As a member of the Jefferson family at large, I said I am very happy that the family as I’ve known it, grew to include so many new members as a result of the DNA testing in 1998.) Some of the feedback took me to task in very lengthy screeds for those two admissions. Apparently there are a few people who feel a nice white girl like myself ought to know better, which I do. So, I’ll say it again.
[ cf A Jefferson for Obama ]
Talk about Attacking Our Troops By Stabbing Them In The Back!!!

I mean, gosh, golly, gee whilikar....

Don't these Radical Extremists KNOW that our Troops are winning the what ever on whom ever....

That it is their duty to support the president to support the troops!!!
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