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Blasts From The Past Time...

Hey kids, remember this one:
I am the author of the Academic Bill of Rights, which many student governments, colleges and universities, education commissions, and legislatures are considering adopting. Already, the U.S. House of Representatives has introduced a version as legislation, and the Senate should soon follow suit.

State governments are also starting to rally around efforts to protect student rights and intellectual diversity on campuses: In Colorado, the State Senate president, John K. Andrews Jr., has been very concerned about the issue, and State Rep. Shawn Mitchell has just introduced legislation requiring public institutions to create and publicize processes for protecting students against political bias. Lawmakers in four other states have also expressed a strong interest in legislation of their own, based on some version of the Academic Bill of Rights. Students for Academic Freedom is working to secure the measure's adoption by student governments and university administrations on 105 member campuses across the country.

[ cf In Defense of Intellectual Diversity ]
Ah yes.... the whole Intellectual Diversity gambit, being advanced by David Horowitz...


Was he aware that there was going to be this great need to protect John Yoo, and the Torture Memo? you know, from the sort of God Hating America Bashers who actually think that american law is legal in america....

Or was this a part of Protecting Children from the Radical Left Wing Extremists who Hate Freedom because they are not willing to accept
Number Theory Is Just A Theory!!!
It is NOT a Proven Fact!!!
And Therefore a Biblical Math FREE FROM THE GOD HATING HINDOO NOTION OF ZERO must be taught!!!

You know, to provide Binary Code Roman Numerals, just like jesus used in computer class.
Or was Komrade Party Leader Horowitz working some other angle that he too is still hoping that none of us will hold him personally accountable for...

Oh dear - how can the god hating america bashers at the wiki assert that the topic is questionable? ( cf Academic Bill Of Rights ) would this be a good time for more americans to ponder this as a part of the overall political season discussion about what sort of Free America we will want to have if the Unbelievers Stop Believing In TinkerBelle and so calledly vote for anyone other than BushCheney2008!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They believe in the Academic Bill Of Rights, as far as the Military will allow anyone to investigate anything that is an active part of their mission objectives in a training scenario!!!

Anything More Is Molly Coddling Terrorists and Stealing From The Tax Payers to Advance Radical left wing agendai!!!

Could it be that Horowitz is not as Christian a White Christian America as he should be for reasons of national security???
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