drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Radical Left Wing Extremists Attack America!!!

It is just DISGUSTING what these anti-war types are willing to do:
SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AP) - The entire military — not just the newly reoriented Air Force — must learn to accept criticism from outside its ranks, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

Speaking to about 500 airmen at this base just east of St. Louis, Gates said it is well known that the military services make good use of internal reviews of their performance in order to improve and to correct problems.

"However, I have noticed that none of the services easily accept honest criticism from outside their branch, or scrutiny that exposes institutional shortcomings," Gates said. "This is something that must change across the military."

[ cf Pentagon chief: Military needs to accept criticism( emphasis mine ) ]

We are in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn BABY UBU Mr. "I hate freedom and want to destroy your White Christian America" Stinking Hippie Draft Dodging Peace Freak Robert Gates!!!

Where do these Stinking Draft Dodging Dope Smoking Hippie Peace Freaks Come From!!!

Is Reoriented like Liberal Code Word For Gay???

Dude, ok, so like the AirForce has always been the girls club of military forces, but they are NOT GAY!!! I mean, yes, it is all about getting the bombers and the tankers to take a poke in mid air, but that is not saying that bombers, are, well, you know, uh, sissy girls willing to take a probe where it counts to relieve the urges and needs of tankers...

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They not aware of any form of criticism, as there are those who Support the President To Support The Troops, and there are TERRORISTS!!!

{ ok, it's one thing when the Stinking Hippies are in some one else's Evil Blue State Socialist Hell Hole, but when they show up in my home town!!! Well, that is when it is time to just say that we are not going take any more of this Stinking Hippie Peace Freak Attitude from the Radical Left Wingers!!! }
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