drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Just Another Cranky Day

The Up Side here is that autopope gave me the dope on the cut thingie.

So while me and my drug regimine remains are still working out why we do which drugs at what dosages.... I will get the chance to explain to my Most Beloved MD that I have acquired a few more symptoms that just PISS ME OFF!

Most folks do not actually spend a lot of time worrying how exactly they know which way is UP. The sort of take it as some irrational anti-podal stance that their feet are down, and their head is Up. Which in some cases is extended to to 'up what?' in the section of "get on top of yourself" sorts of 'team building' exercises. But as most folks know, one of the grave down sides of getting stuck on the Jurrassic Beaver side of devolution is that lack of a full on aquatic environment, wherein one need merely release bubbles and know, ah yes that way towards the less dense section of the planet.

Now I don't mind tipping over because the blood in my head dropped out of the brain case and failed to bounce back up from my feet having become trapped enroute shifting the center of gravity, and the obligations of newtonian physics simply takes over and one falls forward.

But to simply have those moments where, one has to hold onto something, as one has no way of resolving which way is UP because both gimbles in the inner ears have decided to have a Dick Cheney Moment, and will get back to me as soon as they can work out which is the actual explanation they are going to give for the sudden failure to be cognitive of any of their obligations and/or duties.


but did anyone listen? Oh NO! They just wanted to evolve like a complete collection of leftist liberal loosers ever marching 'forward' into the next collection of genetic malphesances and generational anomalies!

Anyway, I hope that Doc and I can work out what is going on here. This is JUST not fun.


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