drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

We are on which side again?

Let's See, there is an increase in terrorist activities in iraq. Clearly this must be a part of the run up to the next electoral event. Since, well those terrorist types always have an increase in violence before an electoral event. Or is this actually the Other Civil War in Iraq, which would occur, were american troops to pull out. And we would be able to tell the difference between the current civil war and the civil war that would occur if the american troops pulled out, uh how?

Then there is some wack job on the bench who wants to have the names of GitMo Detainee's Released, because the liberal media wants that.

While someone is leaking that the FBI is upset that the military types who were 'blatantly misleding' their chain of command. It seems that the FBI tried to point out that at best the 'aggressive investigation tactics' were legally risky, and were not even practical. Given that the allegations in that memo also say that our most beloved Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was in on all of this.

Meanwhile the Fantastical Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, who moved gloriously from the GitMo Fiasco's to the Abu Ghraib Fiasco has put in for early retirement. As we all know, if nothing else, he can probably get a gig at Helga's House of Pain.

The good news is that we have been able to clear more folks from the 377th MP unit, but as yet, have not been able to solve the riddle of why it is that the Army is considering the deaths of the two information container's in Bagram, Afghanistan, at the american detentions facilities to be, " homicides and the Army claims the men were beaten to death at the jail." WOW! you have to love that part. Dead Bodies show up in a secure facility, and the Army, nearly four years on, is still working on it's Sgt Schultz impersonations. Maybe we should send in Agatha Christie....

Could there be some basic structural problems here.... hum, I am just not sure.

So will folks remind me again, which side are we on?

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