drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DOES the washington monthly Hate Freedcom.

Oh Dear ME!!!
Recently, two more articles about Phil Gramm, "McCain's Economic Brain", have appeared. MSNBC had reported a week ago that Gramm was a paid lobbyist for UBS, one of the banks most heavily involved in the subprime scandal, until six weeks ago.
Ok, that is just scary!!!

But NOT ONCE do the evil Liberals mention OOH The Damnable Donut Dunking Demon Disturbs Distributed Danglers... where we learn how UBS has always been in league with EVIL!!! As a part of the monolithic Donut Based Demonology!!!

Oh mY - how ever will the Evil Liberal Media learn that we are in a most Holy Crusade against EVIL!!! and we must stop the Evil RINO Rave Dancers, and their godless Unbeliever Fellow Travellors!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!
They Shiney!!!

They Not Have any economic policies or plans!!!

Unlike the evil doers, and as the Evil washington monthly references, there are some ways to try to describe the reality behind the Evil Liberal Economic Psycho-Babble about things like "credit default swaps". But let us be reasonable, most of that can be summarized as the 3rd M,
  • Mark To Market
  • Mark To Model
  • Mark To Myth
but you might want to read how the evil liberal just does not understand the importance of faith based economics.
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