drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Unamerican Terrorists Be Allowed To act as if they have an american citizenship?

Ok, so yes, another one of those God Hating America Bashers noted the Evil:
Malkin was born in Philadelphia to Filipino parents, Dr. Apolo and Rafaela Maglalang, who were recent immigrants to the United States.[2] Her maternal grandfather fought under General Douglas MacArthur.[3] She grew up in Absecon, New Jersey,[4] and attended Holy Spirit High School. She graduated from Oberlin College, which she describes as a "radically left-wing, liberal arts college."[5] In 1993, she married Jesse Malkin, a Rhodes Scholar. As of 2004 Jesse, a former economist for the RAND Corporation[6] stays home and raises their two children.[7]
[ cf Michelle Malkin Wiki Wonder ]

Since she was born to imigrant worker parents, is she really an american? Especially given her poseur posture on the place of Immigrant, legal or otherwise, in american culture....

And why is it that this 'jesse' is staying home to raise their children???

Would this be a gooder time to talk about the 'christian thing'???

I mean, we do all remember her position on the right to intern anyone for any reason. So logically, would it not follow, that since we are seeking to protect our White Christian America from ferrign devils, is there more than one issue floating around here???

Or are we suppose to skip over these technical details when she is attack members of the vet community who do not live up to her fashion sense about what is and what is not acceptable to wear in her White Christian America???

Or is she just one more of the Great War Heroes who is stuffering from being Victimized For Her Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome...

Hum... Does she Really Think SHE is RoboBushCheney?
They Shiney!!!

She Just Whiney...
Tags: bushcheney2008, religion, war

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