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Professional Media Advise for Scott McClellen

UnNamed God Hating Ammerica Basher, who is currently threatening to stop clapping for TinkerBelle, specifically to cause Michele Malkin a nocturnal urinary tract related issue, and issuance, has recommended:
Until now, we've resisted the temptation to post on former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's new book, which accuses the Bush White House of launching a propaganda campaign to sell the war in Iraq.

Why? It's not news. At least not to some of us who've covered the story from the start.

(Click here, here and here to get just a taste of what we mean).

Second, we find it a wee bit preposterous -- and we are being diplomatic here -- that a man who slavishly - no, robotically! -- defended President Bush's policies in Iraq and elsewhere is trying to "set the record straight" (and sell a few books) five years and more after the invasion, with U.S. troops still bravely fighting and dying to stabilize that country.

But the responses to McClellan from the Bush administration and media bigwigs, history-bending as they are, compel us to jump in. As we like to say around here, it's truth to power time, not just for the politicians but also for some folks in our own business.

[ cf Memo to Scott McClellan: Here's what happened ]
Yes, click on through, READ IT ALL!

They do a nice remindering to the folks who might want to cut dear old scott some slack... since, well, these are such tough times and all, and he may not be able to get a Three Feature Movie Deal where he gets Keneau Reaeves to play him as the hard hitting investigative spokes person doing his part to be meaningful and significant who has a coming of age experience that teaches him all about the values of family and sharing and caring as a way to get through those tough times of life.

If there is any comedy that is more comical than the current HORROR of watching the Freak Show. I am hard pressed to find it... What with feith explaining to us that you folks out there failed to understand the extra special super secret story that was the real really real story about why we needed to restore the wetlands in Iraq, to keep those Persian Pedal Powered Gertie The Gay Gollom Horror scary thingus of pooh...

I mean how can any of us forget how those, uh, thinguses and poohs, and stuff, was stuff like, and stuff.
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