drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Dunkin Donuts In Demonic Love Triangle With Saddam Hussein And Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom!

Or could it be that the Freak Factory has the Fetishists from The RINO Rave Dance doing their best to try to just make scary noise in the hope that americans will try to pretend like they care about thatIraqiThingiePooh.

Ah yes, why is it that the FreakGreenFootBallFarts and Michelle "I Really Wanted To Be HanoiAnnie Coulter" Malkin can get all psycho spastic about something like the sorts of cultural elements from someone elses culture that they only marginally fail to understand. But when they had a chance to be patriotic and stand against all of the God Hating America Bashers out there who were still Golfing, after The President, The War President, The Commander In Chief Of All Of Our Combat Forces, came out against Golfing, these so called patriots opted to stick their heads into more methane and trying to say it was Perfume!!!

Hey Kids, did you notice this little happy thot for Our Dunkin Donunt Demonizers?
Eight months after his nine-year-old son died in a shooting incident involving private security guards from the US firm Blackwater, the boy's father has called for an official apology and admission of guilt from the company, rather than compensation.
[ cf Iraqi father seeks Blackwater apology ]
What? No Blood Money?

No Hush Up and Go away????

Someone who wants a real apology???


Clearly we must find out How The Dunkin Donut's Demon Brought Saddam Hussein Back From The Dead to lead this brutal conspiracy of Donut Eating Ferrign Devils who want an Apology from OUR Valiant Fighting Forces the Black Water Army!!!

What Sort of Welfare Statist is seeking merely an Apology when they could be making big bucks!!! Is this Demonic Dunkin Donuts Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie So Called Father such a great hater of our white christian america that he wants an apology for his dead son more than the buckage???

Yeah, uh, what if american had to deal with the real issues and not the fantastical spin mongering of folks who are clearly soft on golf....
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