drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why does Michelle Malkin Hate Our AMERICAN Freedom!!!

Yes kids, there is a dangerous radical left wing defeatist element leaking into the RINO RAVE Dancers!!!!
Sigh. You all know I’ve been a fan of Dunkin Donuts for quite some time–and have touted their strong position in favor of immigration enforcement.

Charles Johnson notes, and many readers have e-mailed about, Dunkin Donuts’ spokeswoman Rachel Ray’s clueless sporting of a jihadi chic keffiyeh in a recent DD ad campaign. I’m hoping her hate couture choice was spurred more by ignorance than ideology.

[ cf Of donuts and dumb celebrities ]

For those of you with no time in the world, small help here
Traditional head dress, as worn by U.S. and British Special Ops. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Protects your head, eyes, ears, and mouth against sun and wind driven sand. Also used as a neck warmer or towel. 100% cotton.
[ cf Scarf/Shemagh - British SAS ]
Small shout out to the old home boys still actively engaged in being fashion risks for national security... But as anyone will tell you, wearing one is not a good sign for solving if the person is Christian, Druse, Muslim, or merely wearing one....

So wow... uh, if one checks outside of the drug addled neo-con land, the folks who are saying anything about this Rachael Ray and Dunkin Donuts are the sort who find it amusing that the leader of the 30 minute meal movement is trying to make more money helping Dunkin Donuts make money by selling eatable and sustainable food... Since many donut shops can no longer afford to be killing off their clientele...

But that's not the position over in Malkin's world!!!

And worst of all, is that she was not willing to make a really cute and perky joke about how we should be sending the death squads against Dunkin Donuts Obama Ray so as to stop these devil worshippers who like to dress up in attire made popular back home by the US and British Special Warfare Community, which of course Komrade Party Leader Malkin of course Hates....

BUT where is Our Cute Perky down market HanoiAnnie Coulter witty wit about the need for more death squads for her to hate.... and then apologize that people should have known it was just one more joke....

Oh WELL, I guess that is just the way of these things as the formerly chic and trendy keep drifting now that they have openly opted to Stab Our Troops in the Back, by stabbing the president in the back, by failing to Support Great Leader!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They do not have to worry about biodegradable food units...
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