drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Demons Are Coming!!! The Demons Are Coming!!!

It's official kids
If we fail to elect conservative Republican leadership in Washington, D.C. and all across the country, we face a return to the Democrats' tried-and-failed liberal policies that embrace higher taxes, more government spending, socialized medicine, and surrender in Iraq.
( email from John McCain john_mccain@gop.com ( emphasis in the original test ) )
Thank GOD we are not going to Retreat from Iraq!!!!

Clearly we will go on fighting them On the Beaches, In The Streets, at the Malt Shops, in our Brokerage Offices, and any place that the Godless Heathenistical God Hating America Bashers seek to SURRENDER IN IRAQ!!!

Granted of course Komrade Party Leader McCain is on record holding both the position that we will be there for the next hundred years or we may be able to withdrawl all of our troops so that the Evil Liberals will not be allowed to Use their Desire To Surrender In iRaq as a political campaign issue in the middle of the Coup of 2012!

Would this be a bad time to talk about how the temporary job creation stimulus tax stimulators which will roll out in 2010, were suppose to be a temporary job stimulating tax stimulus to stimuli the economy, and not some sort of Permenant Life Support System for an economy Gutted by the Horrors Of Evil Liberals and their God Hating America Bashing Moral Reporbation. So if anyone is in office in 2010, we will of course want to know if they are a part of the God Hating America Bashers who Hate The Unborn Baby Unicorn because they believe that there are Serious Limits on the amount of Jack Booted Excessive Governmental Intervention into the economy that can be done and still whine, "I was sooooooo drunk, I had NO IDEA what I was doing." Or will they be the sort of God Hating Vindictive Moral Reprobates who Have SOOOO Stabbed our Troops In The Back because they NEED to crush our economy under the excessive eternal economic stimulation to keep it from compeletely collapsing...

And why didn't they mention the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Zombie Canadianists? Are the McCain RINO Ravers so BLIND that they are stabbing our troops in the back by failing to be at all concerned about the GAY HOMOZEXUAL PIRATE ZOMBIE CANADIANISTS and how they are driving up the prices of housing and destroying the moral fibre of america, while providing absolutely Family Destroying Fashion Fanaticism!!!

Why Do These McCainItes HATE the Unborn Baby UBU????

Thank GOD we have RoboBuchCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Protect Us from the Evil RINO Rave DanceFestival FreakShow!!!

{ would this be a bad time to talk about the problems of the Federal Government's Bloat since 09/11/2001 made the federal government the number one welfare state queen play ground for those who are not able to grow up and become the reserve spouse or concubine of someone with an actual job!!! }
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