drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Do we have a federal standard for the acceptable level...

... of Peacekeepers 'abusing children' - or is that just one more of the "do not ask, do not tell" topics that americans would prefer not to get too bogged down with. You know, the sort of slight of hand redefinition work that made torture no longer actually torture, because, well there are some folks who actually like that sort of stuff... But that doesn't mean that they are gay, they just have this acceptable tolerance for other really butch guys getting all butch on them...

Or should we also add to the lest of equally flexible moral ambiguities that are in no way indicative of moral relativism, when we want to get a reasonable approximation of how many nuclear weapons do the Isreali's Have? or should we readjust our relationship to what is and what is really a weapon of mass destruction, so that we can find a more socially acceptable way to allow NON-HOMOSEXUAL Nuclear Weapons to Co-Habit in a Socially Responsible way...

Now don't get me wrong here, some of my best friends are nuclear weapons, I just do not want them marrying my daughter. This does not mean that I am Nuclear-Weapon-Phobic, I just do not see that we need to be giving them any special set of privileges. I mean this is what it has come to when Radical Judicial Activist On The Bench have failed to define the laws limiting marriage to only boring heterosexual monogamists who are only into it for the children. Even if that would mean siding with the God Hating Atheistical Terrorist Cliques who hate Jesus and are not supporting the Religious Polygamists, as opposed to the evil Modern SeXularHumanists who advocate Polygamy, or at least serializable monogamy, with one or more well defined exception class that can be thrown, whether or not anyone catches them.

So why NOT lump in Concerns about Nuclear Weapons Dating My Daughter!!! It is not like this would be the first colourful Issues that need to be addressed!!! Like why do so many gay men want to dress up like Judy Garland and Doris Day? Is it really because they too want to be in a meaningful and platonic relationship with Rock Hudson? Rather than stuck in a dead end Nuclear Weapons Proliferation Control Job Like Former Ambassador Wilson's Wife... When they can be more fashionable, and stylish like a Really Big Manly Man Jericho Missile.... Not the Isreali One, that by the way is merely a Screaming Coincidence, that the Iron Man also has a Jericho Missile. Since of course, well he is SUCH a Man... and has Buns of Titanium Alloy....

Look me in the eye girl friend and tell me you would not send away to make sure you got the correct voltage regulator for that Hunk Of Metal getting all Automated... But that IS another Story.

We're here to stop the liberals from being all liberal and destroying the very moral standards that make standardizing morality such a Standard!!!

Now, what real americans want is an end to the sort of moral wishy washy washington D.C. "anything goes" approach to stuff, when we can clear it all up with unambiguous blind loyalty to Great Leader - ANY Great Leader!!! But preferably one called out by the argument from intelligent design...

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