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What if we just offer to Help Purge The Unbeleivers?

More than 35 people were killed and many more injured in a weekend of clashes between police and members of a farming caste who are demanding job quotas in the west Indian state of Rajasthan.

The Gujjars, traditionally nomadic shepherds, who are considered to low status in India's caste structure, want to be considered a "scheduled tribe," an often impoverished grouping in India that is entitled to government jobs and university places.

[ cf Indian forces clash with low-caste protesters ]
Clearly by recycling the unacceptable element in their society, India could become a true friend by become a net exporter of Fuel Liquids, such as Recycle Enemies of The State.

This would also help the global perspective that India is a land of foreigners who are taking away the hight paying jobs in America! And Create A More POSITIVE Image as a wonderful place where they create those Very Useful BioFuels and are working on trickling down the UnDemand that is needed to ease the global economic anxiety that some nations have when they worry that they may be the next nation to Get The Freedom Liberated Out Of Them by unNamed Freeing Influences.

Clearly If India were to advocate an "UnDemand Side Economic Theory" many third would countries would feel safer about accepting that they have the choice to be positive and constructive memebers of society, or they can be constructed into Positive Fueling Aspects Of Society!!! Making the Economy Bloom!!!

I mean, we wouldn't want to allow Genetic Mutants to take over in that part of the world, who would wind up taking the Botany Bay into outer space....

Besides there can ONLY BE ONE RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Green!!!

They Recycle Ideological Deviationalists For Fancy Prizes!!!
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