drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Really Ugly Thot Experiment.

Let us assume that there is a change of Government in January 2009.

Will this impact the current underlying Fiscal problems with the american dollar detaching from Oil, as Bretton Woods II collapses into an abyss of Peak Oil Neo-Realism! Hey, which is the True Bretton Woods II arrangement, and will the distinctions actually contain a substantive difference.

Or will the transition in the military operations abroad have a greater impact on the valuation of the American Dollar....

Given that the American Dollar is used to import goods and services into the USofA, will the issues related to the US Dollar as it is exchanged for things from overseas have any impact on domestic economic issues? Or can there be a wonderful safe way in which the External Dollar is detached from the Internal Dollar so that there is a complete state sanctioned buffer zone where the values are no longer correlated, and so the economic issues of unbelievers overseas are not impacting the internal domestic economic zones.

Will the election finally fix the issues with Intelligent Design, and hence with the prospects that Peak Oil may be about more than that Oil, like all other Gods, are Shy by nature and tend to hide from unbelievers. So that by fixing the religious war with Science, that all of the Bad Science will be banished to it's room to think about why it must learn to be more supportive of Religion, and in particular the True Religion, which if the government has 'changed' means that the voters are all Atheistic God Hating America Bashers who have stabbed the troops in the back by not supporting the True President as the argument from intelligent design demanded!!!

And if we are near to Peak Oil, does this mean that we need to send Oil to assertiveness training classes so that it can get in touch with it's own internal sense of self awareness and thus overcome it's shyness.

How long will america be able to maintain the Resource Wars Overseas before it becomes obliged to start forcing down the Demand Side of the Curve the Old Fashion Way by recycling the demanders. Clearly the need to recycle large volumes of demanders will mean that we will either need to find far more Industrialization, and with any luck, fully automated robotic recycling facilities, OR just Liberate The Sh*T out of them, so that our troops do not suffer the same side effect of the last time the levels of recycling were tried on unbelievers and defeatist elements and their fellow travelling demanders!!!

This would of course allow the Supply Side Economics to Trickle down the recycled portions of the Demand Curve onto those who will be able to engage in useful and productive work in the new American Co-Prosperity Sphere. Assuming of course the Boobs did not install a defeatist cut and runner who will just run away from winning the overseas resource wars, as we grow out the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere!!! So that all people who are useful and productive members of society will be able to enjoy the quality of life that the Argument From Intelligent Designe Offered the True Believers.

Or will americans wake up on the day after the innaguration and have that sobriety moment as they notice that it is still fundamentally Messy and Ugly and that there will be a need for more than merely More Prayer, and More True Belief, and More Clapping Our Hands For TinkerBelle!!!

Or put even more unpleasantly, what will keep america from becoming the next Yugoslavia?

Now Remind me why you are not supporting RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Keep Our American America America!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics, war

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