drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Don't You Hate Those Annoying Little Events?

I went home for lunch today, expecting that I would whip up a lovely toasted whole wheat bagel with Dijon Mustard and cheese, kick back, spin up the CD that starts with the Theme From The Great Escape, and enjoy a little reading on Reich Central Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortion.

But what happens when I get home. On go the tunes. Slice the Bagel, pop it in the toaster. Open up the Refrig and the whole bottle of CostCo Sized Grey Poupon is SO not there.

I pause, I do a mental check. I mean I have been under the weather a bit. But I can not imagine that I had some how majikally gone through that much muster.

Then I heard it.

You know that Nagging Annoying Noise! That sort of harsh breathing, the type that says, "have you considered a major broad spectrum antibiotic for that?" I step into the bathroom expecting that I am about to have to deal with one of the various methods for dealing with a rude active cough... When I see it.


Ok, most dragons do not do 'sheepish' very well. Seymore does it even less gooder.

I walk into my bedroom, slide back the closet door, and there he is, in all of his brain death. He has decided to AssEnd the whole bottle of muster onto the 'darkly cute one' - and of course, who is going to get that coagulated goo out of the chains? Hum? Do you really think that Seymore has the mental firepower to think these things through.

Ok, so the DCO has clearly passed out. I mean I would have as well, if I didn't know Seymore, and this were the first time that a dragon had decided to AssEnd a whole bottle of Muster on Moi! But it really is not like he was going to try and sautee and eat her. He just like's DCO's when they are all lathered up and spicey. This boy has what, two active tastebuds left...

"dude, did you see those UGLY traps in here! I mean It was a serious bitch getting them out of the way. You really should do something about them, I mean a person could get hurt in here." he said while continuing to lick the muster off the still comotose DCO.

"Ok, where is sheldon? and did you do this?"

"Sheldon's around somewhere, you don't think I would just leave him all on his own? But I heard this strange noise when I dropped bye. So I thought I should check it out. I mean I wouldn't want some monster to come charging out of the closet while I am taking a Nap! And then she sort of squeeked and passed out. That's when I went to get the Muster to revive her. I was sure that a good muster pack on her chest would bring out what ever was ailing her."

Oh Great! I have the last of the Lunatic Luddite Lodnum Pushers trying to make free standing Muster Packs!

Worse yet, I have a passed Out DCO all slathered up in Muster, and no time to do anything about lunch. This is Such a rude thing for him to do.

So I told him to clean it all up, and that yes, I had planned to use her as Bait.

Seymore just got freaked!!! He just didn't think that a DCO was the right sort of bait.

Yeah right seymore, you probably have a point there. I mean if I get stuck with flip side of the Dragon Hit Squad pouring muster all over the Bait, he might just have a point.

So what ever am I going to do? I really do not expect that he will clean it up, nor reset the traps, and I'll be left with a muster plastered DCO chained up in my closet and no gurantee that the Monsters in My Closet will stay away.
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