drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Evil Liberals, Evilly Politicising the Most Memorable Shopping Day Ever!!!

One of my Evil God Hating America Bashing Doom Mongers oF IkkyPoohPerIsm noted:
Sgt. York captured 150 enemy soldiers.

PFC Gabaldon captured 1500 enemy soldiers.

One army's soldiers commonly surrendered, when no other option existed.

One army's soldiers never surrendered. Ever.

One was awarded the Medal Of Honor.

One was awarded the Navy Cross.

One was white.

One was not.

Which was which?
This has what to do with the most Memorable Shopping Day In America's Most Victoriously Glorious Mission Accomplished Dance Holy Crusade On Product Lines Of D-word-here.

Ok, if you do not know whom PFC Gabaldon might have been, do you really want to get bogged down in some sort of radical left wing agenda that is clearly back the sort of Red Agenda that brought you the First Protest on the Great Mall, by The Bonus Army - and you have to love the humour that the Wiki Freaks have the warning about the neutrality of the Article, which I guess would be kinda difficult for some, when they have to remember that this First Great National Protest on the Mall was met by Dug Out Dug, who unleashed tanks and cavalry on the veterans.... Which of course did help motivate those in the rear in the Beer, in 1944, to pass the radical left wing communist backed "G.I. Bill Of Rights" - because, well, Communism!!!

The Military Intelligence HAD clearly and compellingly shown that at least three of the leaders of the Bonus Army were Communist Rat Bastards Bent Upon The Destruction of Our Godless White Christian America with their RADICAL RED AGENDA!! And it really does not take a lot of work to walk from Tuskegee Airmen to the decision by Communist DUPES, like Truman, who would desegregate the US Military, that would inevitably lead to the Radical Judicial Activism of Loving v. Virginia allowing THEM to marry White Christian Americans in any state that THEY wanted to get married!!!

Which makes it all clear that this was some sort of Monolithic Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie Initiative to allow Gay HomoZeXual Zombies to marry anyone they want to marry, whether or not they get a tax write off on the subsequent spouses and concubines!!!



And these freaks want to worry about one Beaner??? Hello!!! Where is your priority Set???

My God!!! Don't These Radical Extremists Understand we are in a time of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU!!!! This is no time to start radical left wing communist dominated Islamo-Fascist Politicising of the Most Memorable Shopping Day EVER!!!
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