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War? What War? Integer N

I was just shocked that the radical left wing extremist Militarist Clique of Welfarists have gone totally out of hand, on this, one of the Most Memorable Shopping Days in the Whole Holy Pantheon of Holy Shopping Days!
Saluting the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan – and honoring veterans of those wars – is a key part of Memorial Day activities today. That's to be expected.

But come Tuesday, and during the rest of the year, will the fighting and the sacrifice fade into the background as Americans' main concerns return to high gasoline prices and presidential election politics?

[ cf Will the war be forgotten after Memorial Day? ]

What war are they talking about?

The failed Envrionmental Extremist Onslaught on poor innocent iRaq that is having it's wetlands restored by Radical Left Wing Eco-Extremists?

Or the Horror of the Failed Klintonesta Policies in Afghanistan with the usual failed liberal agenda of attempting to impose an antiquated aesthetic upon the indigenous peoples, who yes, did blow up the GRAVEN IDOLS, but anyone who has Accepted Dubya as their Personal Lord and Savior understands that all Graven Idols MUST be destroyed, except of course those that are personally vouched safe by the Komrade Directorate of Protecting Asset Valuation For Those Who Need To Liquidate Their Positions Prior to The Frap Hitting The Shan - one of the lesser ministries of the Department of Asset Moral Normalization - (DAMN) is chartered to help mainstream various types of morally challenged fiscal products to those persons who can not tell a totally purified form of holy religious Icon that is a graven idol that must be destroyed from those that are Clearly to be protected.

Yes, there are clearly the same old failed Clintonesta Interventionist Dogma suffering the side effects that occur in the collapse of any NannyState Welfarist God Hating America Bashing Kult of those who have failed to correctly divine the true state of the true holy Iconography of Where things really are these days. If you know what I mean, he said in an all encompassing and embracing awareness that many of the godless readers were not privy to the extra special kool aid and visual cortex stimulators that make the White Shade Of Pale a much Rosier, but not O'Donnel, vision of A Freeer Freedome!!!

Besides, we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

If there were an actually War, don't you think they would have told the nation that there was a war going on?
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