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What were you planning to learn anyway???

I was seriously amused by Why Didn't We Listen to Their War Stories? and then thot it reallly funny. I mean what do civilians REALLY want to know that veteran's could tell them in War Stories? The actual war stories, as any folklorist will tell you, fall into four basic groupings:
  • The Shibolith that sorts in group from out group
  • Survival Knowledge packaged for travelling.
  • Mere Rememberings of those no longer around .
  • The fine art of filling time till the next thing comes along
And let us be brutally honest here. Most folks do not want the First Two. Since if they are vets, they don't need the IFF ( Identification Friend Or Foe ), and while the types and nature of "O-1" (First Rank of Ossifers) change names from country to country, and service to service, there is not one of them that should be left alone in the rain, given pointey objects, and allowed anything more dangerous than their own misunderstanding of their competency.

The later two are problematic for most folks. Since the whole issue of rememberings is complicated. It's about the problem of persons who are not going to have the opportunity to take more positions about how they had always opposed, what ever it is that one is suppose to oppose, and supported the stuff one was suppose to support.... And be honest, it is totally USELESS to add any form of 'with god on our side' to that process.

Which leaves us with the most complicated of tasks - the process of filling time. This is problematic to those who want to learn from veterans, since they arrived with so much matching baggage, that they kinda forget that veterans, en masse, were a collection of young men who had far better things to do with their time than to to duck enemy fire trying to stay alive. And forgive me the sense of service prejudice, but there is a reason that God invented the phrase, "Like a Sailor On Liberty", to define the fullest measure of firm commitment and resolve to the total empowerment of the joi d' vivre in ways that are never better phrased.

One can argue about this or that bit of politics, and we giggled all the way round Lafayette Park, that fine fall day when some "stop the klan" rally had moved - because the klan lacked the intestinal fortitude to boldly march through the nations capital, even with the National Police to protect them from the Sparts, and Trots, and liberals, and US Military Types, who were obvious to identify as 'the other short hairs' in the crowd. Since after the D.C. Cavalry had charged, and the counter-protestors still held the park, it was sorta clear who had one the day.

And there, in the truest glory of all Military Operations everywhere, sat a young Spartacus Youth Leaguer firmly engaging the attentions of a charming young lady, who had that look in her eyes that said she was SOOO gonna Liberate The Sh*T out of his cute ideologically correct interpretation of the True Marxianist-Leninist-Trotskyist Dialectical Material Historical Analysis buns.... And they sipped coffee out of paper cups, sparts are good for getting the Porta Johns, and the like, as one of my protesting friend likes to note, and they engaged in an at least appropriately ideological engagement with the appropriate issues while in public.

Ah yes... for a kinder, gentler time, when there was room for those types of species specific behaviors that are the only useful part of 'taking and holding ground'. Rather than the folly we have seen too many times, where the ground gets fumbled by the malaise of those who had not needed to be there in the taking, and who were never too clear why that piece of ground needed to be Liberated....

Ah yes, but should folks REALLY want to know what veteran's think? Or Know, or....

Or is that why there is the cultural need for the memorializing, so that we can keep on sanitizing the process.

So that we can still pimp the myth of 'the seventy virgins' to the next collection of First Virgins whom we will ship into Follies Way...

Who knows, maybe someday they will get Fuck to be truly obscene. Carrying the meaning that includes Your Friend the Sucking Chest Wound and Managing Traumatic Amputation and all of the other wonderful little lectures about what you should need to know if you want to keep your best friend from becoming a memorial for the civilians to wonder what it was they could have, should have, might have, learned about the greater value of a Rip Roaring Good Drunken Folly Of Youth over a combat patrol of any form - even the freaking walk in the sun fiasco's that will inevitablly go so wrong so fast.

Or is that the real problem here. It ultimately IS about dick waving festivals. The sad and tragic folly of those who have never been able to TRULY understand the greater value of a really good Cuddle - because they had already been through enough Fuck Ups for one life...

Ah yes The Great War Heroes, who made those tax cuts possible, since of course what could be more important in a time of war than tax cuts..... Or the folks who get all squishy about "Gays", never really working out the number of "Gays in the military" taking up all of the good billets that the Current Ration Of Great War Heroes really wanted to have a chance to take, but....

So why not support Clive Owen's Carrot Chomping Good Guy from Shoot 'em Up when he says
If you think that's great, you should see me sign my name in the snow
Since all too often, it's the personal reassurance that the civilians really want....

That it is ok for them to go on dehumanizing Veterans as mere Icons of their religiously held myth system; the manifestation for the excuse of the state monopoly on state sponsored terrorism.

Rather than lads on the pull, wearing their least smeggiest stuff, not at all interested in any of that 'for god, for country, for princeton' ranting....

Or would that be letting folks into the unpleasant reality about the unpleasant compromise kept between the two communities, and the full Freaking Kabuki Dance done so that we do not have to be more unpleasant about the real realities of both war, and why any form of on the pull is STILL better than the flatulence about patriotism and glory....
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