drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Has the 22nd Ammendment Been Shown to work?

For the first 8 years of failed clintonestaism the champions of the New-New Right were pleased as punch that The Evil Clinton would not be allowed to run again. And so Al Gore had to run as the surrogate Clinton, rather than allowing The Evil Clinton the chance to be held accountable.

So to be polite, the next 8 years of failed clintonestaism meant that the True Champions of the Actual New-New Right were as pleased as punch that the Psuedo-Clinton was only going to be in the white house for a mere 8 years in the worst case. So it was not like anyone really needed to formulate any real plans, policies, or procedures, and we could all put it into self containment mode and let the clock play out. Since clearly the Psuedo-Clinton would not run for a third term and we would have the chance to wonder:
So if McCain does get elected, is it the 3rd Term of Bush, the Psuedo-Clinton?
Or is this the fifth term of failed clintonestaism?
Since of course, just like bill, George is going to be handed a free pass, and will not have to be held accountable for any of the years of lame duckness.

Yes, I know for most folks the 22nd Ammendment was installed in the Holy Book By The Fingers Of God as a part of the Holy Religious Text.

But what if Constitutional Law were something mere mortals made?

And what IF we decided that, gosh, now that we have watched the kids who go elected to congress, back in the halcyon days, when the only way to get elected, was to demand that there be a Term Limits Programme, why gosh a Government Wide 22nd Ammendment, to protect the electorate from electing the rat bastards... And given that the last round of rat bastards who had Free'd The Sh*T out of us as the Great War Leadership in a time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities, were turned out of office, NOT because they voted themselves out of office with the majikal term limits, but the old fashion way, because the unwashed godless masses of puppet toadies of Satan Voted them out of office....

What if we take a solid and serious reconsideration about what would happen IF mere Constitutional Law, were, well, you know, merely Law Made By Man, and not the holy icons of the coming religious revival....

Why Gosh, that might help folks get back on line with the need to have a viable campaign strategy that was more than merely the safe rotten burroughs, and the need to have someone else protect the voters from voting the wrong way....

Why Gosh, that might help the voters think of themselves as an active and constructive part of the political process of self governance....

NAH!!! that's ridiculous. These things are clearly too complex for the mere plebeian masses to understand.

Thank GOD we Have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They mean that we do not have to understand mere Law Stuff...

We get their True Revelations!!!

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