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Why Do Veteran's Groops Hate Freedom?

Members of the Rolling Thunder motorcycling group roared into town for a White House visit Sunday, where they presented President Bush with his own cowhide vest jacket and pushed for increased veterans benefits.

"Mr. President, we'd like to make you an honorary member of Rolling Thunder," said Artie Muller, the group's executive director, to a delighted Bush, who shed his suit jacket to don the vest and pose for pictures.
On Monday, Bush planned to make remarks and place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day.

[ cf Motorcycle group presses Bush on veterans benefits ]

Just Shocking!!!

Don't these so called veteran's understand that today is one of the Most Religious Shopping Days of All Religiouis Shopping Days, and should not be a time for Mindless Political Radical Left Wing Socialist Welfare StateIsm....

And to think that the Prez may even take time out of his precious shopping spree to go up to the Tomb of the Unknown ..... Wow...

Or to rehash one old war dog's model - "it's like a bunch of drunk old guys acting up about how they once were younger and dumber...." but I guess if you have seen one vet's gathering you have basically seen them all, going all the way back to the first vets...
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