drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why does Brookes New Hate Freedom?

UnNamed Godless Heathen America Basher pointed at
Rep. John Conyers: America-hating political bigot and Democrat targets Rove for destruction
clearly hoping we might not notice:
One can only blame bad economics for the confusion about the current state and direction of the US economy. Because the economic commentariat have swallowed the fallacy that consumption is what really drives an economy they treat consumer spending much the same way that ancient seers treated the entails of goats, and with just as much success.

If these modern-day seers are correct then consumer spending would be dropping and those companies at the consumption end of the production structure would be contacting. Yet consumer spending is still holding its own once we subtract the fall in spending on new cars. Cars are like houses* in that they are very expensive goods. Few people ever pay for their house or car outright. This means that these goods will be sensitive to changes in interest rates.

[ cf Ill-omens haunt the US economy ]

If being a God Hating America Basher were a bad thing, then, wouldn't it be More Badder to side with the God Hating America Bashers who have Opposed The Divine Will Of Market Triumphalism that is making the Markets More Marketable, no matter what the God Haters in the RINO Rave are dancing to these days!!!

Now Do not get me wrong here, but the Religiously Faithful True Believers in Hayek ( the economist, and not the balloning boobies ) was an EVIL LIBERAL - but that would of course mean that folks would need to be able to make the distinctions between when is it safe to invoke the opinions of an Austor-Hungarian Aristocrat who's Hatred Of Freedom meant supporting Classical Liberalism, and when you should be listening to the Mamarries.

Since if one opposes Massive Governmental Interventionism, then, based upon the Principle of The Unitary Executive, one has engaged in the Anti-State Terrorist Act of Opposing Great Leader, since the Treasury and the Federal Reserve opted to Rescue Bear Sterns, thus proving that it is the Will Of GOD to Rescue Bear Sterns, which is why the Massive Governmental Interventionism, which is Clearly, and Compellingly, the Mandate of Great Leader!!!

So, basically, if one is Opposing The Greatest War President in a Time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU, and citing Hayek, clearly one SHOULD have been listening to The Glands We Love To Squeeze, because there are not going to be a lot of practical heterosexual moments for those interned into the Bio-Fuels Recycling Facilities.

Not that I want to suggest that being aligned with Bad Thot is a Bad Thing!!!

Besides, all will come to love RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Bring The True Truth!!!

They Make The Economy Go!!!

Go Economy Go!!!

Win Economy Win!!!

Free The Sh*T out of these Godless Unbelievers, and make the Bio-Fuels Flow!!!
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