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Why We ARE always the Most Winning Ist....

Wow, loved the product placement gambit I found in Newer carbines outperform M4 in dust test in the Army Times - the old town rag... There they have the pimp for As a Christian in the Armed Forces, what does active duty mean to you? yeah, with what should have been a registered trade mark
Military Trained Have Missionary Advantage!
Go Team Venture!!!

Who can forget the way that jesus always wanted to have the Holy Warriors bringing the Word of Salvation to those who have survived the shelling and the air strikes. Even IF we have to torture them to get them to accept that there is no other reasonable course of action when faced with the clear and compelling evidence of the Argument from Intelligent Design!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Freeing The Sh*T out of the Unbelievers...

Hey, what if we brought our Military Missionaries Home To America, to Free The Sh*T out of the Unbelievers here?

Could that be the real fear that is fear mongering those fearful that we can not down size from iRaq, or the Terrorists will 'follow' us home...

Have they really finally accepted that when one starts State Sponsored Terrorism, the Giving just never ends.
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