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Job hunt in a sluggish economy? Or re-enlist during wartime? Marine Sgt. Jimmy Spence faced that dilemma a year ago, and in the end, the military won.

In fact, the one-time infantryman, who was stationed in Iraq from April to October of 2006, is now preaching the virtues of a life in the military as a re-enlistment counselor for other Marines.

[ cf Recession or war: Time to re-enlist ]

Yeah, that is right, after we Mission Accomplished Danced iRaq - the DOW not only stopped falling, but started to recover!!! ( cf Big Charts why not ask, gosh, What is Jesus telling us about the Dubya's in the chart? )

So why not start Liberating More Nations!!! That would cut down on the demand side by the Godless who are stealing our Oil, { would this be a bad time to talk about Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas: Democracy Comes to Iraq Or fun frolic with the foto in SUV OWNERS PUZZLED BY HIGH GAS PRICES back when gas went over $2, in that bubble speculation, which of course was not going to last, because of course, as we all know, Peak Oil is possible only if One HATES Freedom and have sided with the godless who believe in evolution. Or should you just do YOUR patriotic DUTY with Kick Their Ass, Take Their Gas The Bumper Sticker. So that you show everyone that YOU support the President's welfare statist job creation programme!!! }

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!
They Shiney!!!

They Make Gooder Jobs in The Military Industrial Infotainment Sector!!!
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