drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

We Are SOOO Winning the War AGAINST IRAN!!!

Yes, clearly that must be another great signature moment in our Holy Crusade Against Iran:
Petraeus also told senators considering his nomination to the U.S. military's top Middle East post that Iran was a destabilizing influence in the region. But he backed U.S. efforts to use diplomatic and economic pressure on Tehran, saying military action was a last resort.
[ cf Iraq commander expects further troop cuts ]
Clearly when we are all getting together to sing another chorus of "Give Peace A Chance", this can only mean that we are clearly More Mission Accomplished Dancing than EVER!!!

We also get this Love Nugget Of HappyHappyJoyJoy:
Petraeus also endorsed U.S. intelligence estimates that al Qaeda leaders are based in tribal areas of Pakistan and any future attack on the United States was likely to originate there. He pledged more help for Pakistan's government.
( op cit )

One has to wonder if This guy has ever talked to Doug Feith about how the thingusOfPooh came about, is coming about, and will always be coming about?

Hum... Pakistan.... Is that a country we have invaded, will invade, have always been totally liberating!!!

And who are these Al-Qaeda persons, and what do they have to do with the whole Persian Pedal Powered pGolfCart Phlying pSaucers pOf Phear!!!!

And isn't this patreaus guy the head of some ferrign devil multinational force, so shouldn't we be getting a briefing from some American???
"I will not say we are out of the woods yet but I would say we are clearly headed in the right direction," Odierno said of the prospects for stability in Iraq.
( op cit )
Holy CRAP!!! A Defeatist Cut And Runner Appeaser!!!

How can anyone talk about ABANDONING IRAQ to the godless heathen!!! Anyone who knows anything, knows that the current lull in the winnings is because the Evil Doing Evil Doers are still in negotiations with Hitlary and the Defeatists back home who are not willing to support the President To Support The Troops!!!

Clearly these defeatists who are not willing to More Win The War In Iran by liberating iPakistan and iVenenezuela, and iNepal { which recently fell to maoist guerrilla forces threatening the freedom of iChina } then innocent american children may face a smoking Gun of the Evil Princess Sparkle Pony destroying their White Christian America!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheney!!!
They Shiney!!!

They Keep us safe from the Defeatist CUT AND RUNNERS who are afraid to liberate iPakistan and give them access to global economic options, and a free society, merely because iPakistan has a nuclear weapon!!! I mean, what sort of message is that sending to the Children!!!

Think Of The Children!!!

This is driving INNOCENT Children into the arms of the EVIL Princess Sparkle Pony!!!
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