drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Polygamist Cult Crisis....

Hey kids, are you asking, in light of the massive attack of the evils of the California Court System recognizing that Gay HomoZeXuals are citizens of the state of california, and therefore should be held to the state of california's policy of state registration of relationships, that so far we are not hearing the Massive OutCry about how the State Of Texas should have better control over the Illegal and Criminal Use of Unlicensed, and therefore not tax deductible, relationships!!!

I mean it really takes NO WORK to find polygamy and concubinage in the Bible, and yet the fans of the jack booted Excess governmental regulation of the market, want to limit the state licensed relationships to only the ones supported by monogamists, and then only when the persons are from different genders, and this in a way that brutally attacks TRUE RELIGION!!!

Yet the echo's of silence CRUSH the hopes of freedom of all of those True Believers who believe truly in God's Fore-Ordained Ammortization And Capital Depreciation schedules for the Emergency and Spare Wives and Concubines! And YES it is far easier to find a Biblical Citation supporting the correct capital depreciation schedule than finding a specific reference that Bans Gay Marriage.

So WHY does the Evil Liberal Media, and their Evil Fellow Travelers want to avoid THIS specific wonderful place to debate the Glories of Marriage, and the need to free it from the Horrors of the Evil Liberal System, so that folks can marry, and marry, and marry again!!!

I mean, yes, we all know that Bishops should be the husband of but one wife, but that does not mean, or does it, that all of the Believers are Bishops??? So why the need to be divisive on this subject????

Could it be that the old school tie issues of running on a sound foreign policy, with a sound fiscal policy, and the Sound National Security Policy of "not a nickle more for defense than is needed" are issues that have, well, gone walking in the midst of the on going RINO Rave!!

Gosh, Golly, what if the nation were to run a political campaign on the actual issues....
Tags: economics

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