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Why does Ben Stein HATE Freedom?

Wow, it's amazing that the Radical Left Wing is so in bed with law breakers. First off we get
Most of all, the images are of the glory of driving cars, cruising through our towns and suburbs, just burning up gas with no particular place to go, to paraphrase Chuck Berry. Or of racing up and down freeways, heading out to the surf on time, with the car’s chrome heart shining in the sun, to paraphrase Neil Young. (Of course, I think of driving my own mighty Cadillac STS-V, hurtling along I-10 toward Rancho Mirage at 130 m.p.h., with my wife urging: “Great. Go faster.”)
[ cf Running Out of Fuel, but Not Out of Ideas ( emphasis mine, to call out the distinction between Red Hollywood's Criminal Element )]
Ah yes... the fun filled times when any crime was ok. But he does get onto the touchy feely
Maybe this would be a good thing. After all, do we really need to have a 6,000-pound S.U.V. take a 100-pound high school student across town to buy a Diet Coke? Do we really need cars so big that they have flat-screen televisions for the children in the back? Do we really need to pour so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? And it’s certainly not great to belch out immense quanta of carbon monoxide, a deadly poison.
( op Cit )
But he stays near message:
Beyond that, what if we are close to peak oil — that point at which we have pumped out more than half the oil on the planet? What if supply slips and demand continues to skyrocket, as they are already doing, and these trends continue indefinitely? What if the world has a bitter fight over its remaining oil? Even if this battle is fought with money and not guns, we are at a disadvantage with our pitiful currency and our budget and trade deficits.

In my humble view, we are now in a short-term oil bubble. It will pass and correct, as bubbles do. And speculators will make millions, whichever way it goes. But the long run is terrifying. If we are at or past peak oil, if oil states stop or even hesitate to send us the juice, if Canada decides not to fill our needs, we are in overwhelming trouble.

( op cit )
what???? He can actually write 'peek oil' without god striking him dead on the spot?

Is this the Same Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn't Want You to Know... Ben Stein - where the importance of being a wild and crazy run away kinda mad max of the Intelligent Design World.... is, well, Important!

Then we get the fluffers out of the way for the Money Shot:
In that long message sent to Congress 35 years ago, there was an outline of what we needed to do on coal-to-oil and shale-to-oil, as well as wind, solar and wave power. For a generation plus, we have done next to nothing. The hour is late. The clock of destiny is ticking out, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said. Let’s roll.
( op Cit )
Well, there you have it!!!

We need to do something, you know, like the civil rights thing, to stop those Racists, like Al Gore, who hate Poor People, who are the new Persecuted Minorities, because Liberals do not support Nuclear Merchantilism, and the right of the Government to do what ever it is that we want them to do now, because thirty-five years ago that sort of Radical Red Communism was, well, the Islamo-Fascism of it's Day!!!

Oh hold it, the real horror here is that Ben Stein is so stabbing our troops in the back, because he could have made the big bucks pimping the hot new book ( oh yes, Why does the Center For The Defense Of Free Enterprise HATE Freedom? where they were also selling the Party Line that the Evil Liberals are evil liberal because they are not willing to keep fighting for our oil that is under other people's land... ) that is all about how the evil liberals are evil, because they do not support Freedom the way that true believers support Freedom, because we support Bombing Unbelievers who would price Oil in anything but God's Own American Dollars.

I mean, Ben!!! What Has Happened!!! Have You Gone Over To The Dark Side??? And given up a chance to gain one more fee for being ideologically correct!!! Don't tell us that your new vision of the new entrepreneurship is now the dogma of liberalism where you are doing things you are not getting paid to do, simply because YOU hate Freedom....

Come Back to the RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Ben Stein!!! As your soul is in peril of the Evils of Liberalism.
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