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It is so good to learn new things as my party decides to drift slowly into chaos:

Mr. Blunt, who had divorced the previous year, was dating Abigail Perlman, a lobbyist for Philip Morris, the tobacco division of the conglomerate Altria, which considered the measure vital. Mr. Blunt's son Andrew B. Blunt worked as a lobbyist for Philip Morris in Missouri as well. (Mr. Blunt's daughter, Amy Blunt, also works as a lobbyist.)

Ms. Burson, his spokesman, said the measure was germane to the domestic security bill because of news reports that terrorists were selling contraband cigarettes to fund their activities. She provided a July 2004 letter from the former House majority leader Dick Armey attesting that he and others had also favored the measure.

Still, Fred Wertheimer, president of the advocacy group Democracy 21, said, "That is not the kind of case study you want to provide to demonstrate the appropriate approach to dealing with conflict questions."

[ cited nyt ]

No WONDER things have gone to Doo-Doo, the US Military use to issue tobacco with the K-Rats....

Why if only we had known that Tobacco Is TERRORISM....

Clearly someone should inform the Department Of Homeland Security and call out the Republican Guard to quickly mount a major campaign to stomp on those evil Terroristical Tobacco Users....

But here in California, the land of the Kennedy ToyBoy as GruppenFueher, the tobacco tax goes to fund things like day care facilities, and breast cancer research, and other well known Terrorist Operations....

What ever are the More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou to do when the Smoke Filled Back Room Hard Ball Politics is left to only the dope smoking Hippies!

I know, why don't we stop allowing HeteroSexual to get divorced, that would clearly prevent these types of complicated issues from arising! It would also prevent breeders from engaging in the sort of activity that can only be called Offering Aid And Comfort To The Enemy in a time of defering the tax burden onto the Unborn! Yes! That's what we Need a Constitutional Ammendment ending divorce so that Tobacco Terrorists Will Be Defeated in our life time!

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