drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Must BONG CANADA Evil Art People Supporting Golf!!!

It is just SHOCKING to find that the Australians have come out on the side of Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom:
THE art world has denounced a "dark day in Australian culture" after police seized up to 21 photos of naked children and said they would lay charges over an exhibition by renowned Australian artist Bill Henson.

While Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described the works as "revolting" and devoid of artistic merit, the art community has come out strongly on the side of Henson, rejecting the accusation that his works are pornographic.

[ cf Art or porn? Photographer facing obscenity charges ]

What clearer and more compellinger news do we need that Foreigners are Foreign, and that we MUST Bong Canada to stop them from being UnAmerican!!!

Obviously this whole 'naked children' is some sort of Evil Liberal Code Word for saying that they support not only Golfing, but Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom!!! Thus that they are stabbing our troops in the back!!! Hence, that they are clearly Bad People!!!

But we being the Good People, and knowing the Importance of Important Things, should Immediately Start Bonging Canada until they stop using code words, and especially code words that are soft on Golf And it's Evil Demonic Paranalia!!!

Remember Friends:
Own Golf Paranalia!!!

And YOU are Giving Gertie The Golf Cart Gollom A Place To attack our white christian america!!!
Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheny!!!
They Shiney!!!

Anything less and we would be victims of Ferrign DevilIsms!!!
Tags: bong_canada, bushcheney2008

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