drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DO liberals hate republicans?

The Republican-controlled state high court declared that the state Constitution protects a fundamental “right to marry” that extends equally to same-sex couples.
[ cf A Positive Vote for Same Sex Marriage ( emphasis added to help the conceptually impared) ]

What if being a republican WAS about solving the complex issues, and putting together the best available evidence that one can marshall to defend the point, rather than appealing to, as we have been amused by the scalia rulings, that we need to allow for both actual and imaginary evidence, or the White House Unitary Executive Prinicple, that we must allow for both actual and imaginary threats, as a basis for both actual and imaginary responses.

What if we had to limit ourselves to merely the actual actual, and leave the imaginary to the Imagineers, and other HolyCow fans of Mooby The Golden Calf.

Now don't get me wrong here, I feel that there are always times when the concern about fast food religions need to come with Transfat free Religious Tokens, and appropriate condiments. Which why at this very moment on Memorial Day Week End, our valiant fighting forces in the Black Water Army are backing up the failed welfare statists who are trying to embark upon the Eco-Extremism of restoring the Wetlands To Iraq. I mean, you folks are NOT seriously go to try to pimp me that there was a republican government that actually opted out of a formal declaration of war with an actual sovereign nation, so as to keep faith with our fallen dead in Pearl Harbor who were once ballyhoo'd for having died in a pre-emptive strike, by a pre-emptive war sponsoring government. Could anyone be SERIOUS about that??? How could a 'law and order' government actually take such a wild leap of faith?

So clearly on his Memorial Day Week End, gosh, let's remember the majik miracle of the free market system that has brought us the best CDO products that anyone could vendorize!!!

Because, well, gosh, otherwise we might have to limit ourselves to the actual actual, and wonder why the play acting and pretense about respect for our glorious fallen dead....
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