drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Keeping Dick On The Ticket

I know that many of my evil liberal friends think it is a bit premature to start working out who Dubya should have as a running mate in the 2008 elections. But we really do need to be practical about these matters.

Ok, yes, I know, there is that typical leftist failed pre-911 liberal whine about the 22nd Ammendment, as if anyone really cares what the failed liberal pre-911 crowd thinks. This is a new day in american, and we need to be realistic about these things.

One side of me likes the idea of keeping Dick on the ticket. I mean fundamentally this would mean simplifying the campaign sloganeering,
Don't Change Dicks!
In the Middle of a Screw!
It worked for Nixon! Why not re-use it again. I mean, it is traditional! It would help Karl Rove work out the correct orientation for the 2008 campaign. Why he would even be able to set out how the President was the Peace Candidate....

But the other side of me wonders do we still need Dicks Pull amongst the Left Wing Extremist Factions. The sort who like the fact that Dick can, on random occasions, be open about his whole Broke Back Mountain Perspective. Or as in the more recent approach, where dick was SO CONCERNED about the so called 'right of privacy' - which of course is his center piece with women.

But do we need any of those leftist liberal groups? I mean congress has authorized the president to do what ever he wants. So why worry?

We have the correct balance of Supreme Court Judges, including the boldly heroic types willing to go hunting with Dick Chaney.

So why not get someone else in as the New VP candidate.

We could go with HanoiAnnie Coulter and let the world know that the President's Commitment to doing what ever he wants is the only Bulwark against the Treason And Appeasement Policies of the typical leftist failed pre-911 liberal whiner! And it would also show that the President is tolerant and liberal enough to get the best man for the job!

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