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Why Iraq, Why Now?

Would this be a BAD time to talk about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: You Probably Don't Understand the Iraq War - and the horror of why the Jon Stewart show has become the pimping plays to go and sell war stuff.

I find it amusing the Patreaus's Crew send players to Pimp FM 3-24 on the Jon Stewart Show. There was that fun filled book, Imaginary Weapons by Sharon Weinberger, which even Self Pimped Itself with the 'as seen on Jon Stewart', as if this was the the New Oprah Reader's Clique for Military Stuff.... WOW!

So there is fun here with the whole unindicted co-conspirator number three, where Feith is trying to make the case that it was not his fault, everyone else is mis-remembering how the game went.

Wow... One has to do clearly much better drugs.

"The President was looking for a diplomatic solution...."

I can understand that for those who are trying to find a safe place to hide from their Pro-War Positions, so that they are no longer in the position to be held accountable for the positions that they held. I can feel for the man, since here is trying to create a safe place, since he may be held liable for his involvement in the process. It is also important, as a good old boy, to work on a way for all of the 'formerly pro-war, pro-patria brigade', who are trying to work out why they have HIDDEN in AMERICA when they could have at least volunteered as contractors to torture folks overseas... But that would have meant getting 'into the game'....

Ah yes....

What about the Unamericans who were asking 'why iraq, why now?'

The Unamericans who are STILL asking 'why iraq, why now?' Fully aware that the liberals will hate us as radical extremists, since we do not support the failed clintonesta policy, and the need to keep our guilt in a managable space.... I mean, hello, why stay and keep the central problem the fact that the americans are still the occupying force????


American Guilt????

Fear that if we 'retreat' - it will majikally be more Vicious than THE HORROR of when the americans abandoned vietnam, so that costco could get whole sale to you pricing on the clothes that are made in vietnam.... Ooops. Sorry, uh, the whole HORROR that having failed in vietnam, the vietnamese flying saucers attack again.... No, Uh, it was the fact that the Chinese, yeah, the Red Chinese!!! and it sooooo does not match the table cloth....

While on the other side of the table, we have the so called 'conservative' - whom are trying to remember if they have now, or at any time, been near to a position on 'that irqai thinigie pooh' - since, well there are still not sure that it is a 'golf' or 'gulf' war.... But that they have always been willing to support the troops, as far as they are not actually obliged to do anything.....

ah yes... what we need is Doughie, White, and Happy yeah... that is the solution...
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