drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And what is wrong with celebrating Hitler's Birthday???

No seriously. One of my whiner friends noted:
CROWN POINT, Ind. - If fans of Hitler held a party, and a candidate for federal office attended, would anybody notice?

Apparently, yes.

U.S. Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle is facing criticism from one of his primary opponents, and a host of people on the Internet, for speaking at an event over the weekend that celebrated Adolf Hitler's birthday.

[ cf Worst Campaign Idea Ever?
Hoosier congressional candidate speaks at birthday party for Hitler, in Chicago

Now remind me again, what is the real problem here?

Americans understand that we allow our nation to accidentally insert troops into any nation we want to, based upon both real and imaginary concerns about any real or imaginary threat.

We are living with the reality that as a nation we have embraced not merely torture as a socially impoliteness, but also the more important part of the process, that we embrace state sponsored terrorism against it's own citizens. So why exactly is there any reason to consider Hitler a political complications.
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