drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Marriage Crisis In Godless Texas...

Hum... Out in California the liberals of course support The HORROR of Gay Marriages, without working out whether or not this means the REAL SIN OF APOSTASY, that gay married couples will also have to fight for the extra rights to have additional depreciation and tax write offs for additional spouses and concubines.

While out in Texas... they are not even worrying about the issue of even getting lawful marriages, because in Texas, outside of the legal system, in the Radical Left Wing Judicial Activists, texas has embraced the new Scalia initiatives to break down the Mindless Barriers between the Real And The Unreal, as a new age, new wave, advancement in the New Civil Rights for UnReality!!!


Why any day now we will see ever more marriages of Reality and UnReality....

I mean, there is the June 3rd Primary in california as everyone gets to step up to the plate and decide if we are going to retreat back into the dark days of Racism, when only Reality was Real!!! Or are we going to march forward in which ever direction Great Leader Leads Us!!! Since Clearly if Great Leader Is Great then the Greatness is Great, both real and unReal!!!

Who knows, maybe in Texas they will learn to fight for their rights.... Or Not...

Or maybe the grand irony here is that folks may want to work out why they believe in the Anti-Biblical model of marriage, and concubinage, and capital depreciation on one's Chattle and Goods...
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics, war

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