drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why does the Center For The Defense Of Free Enterprise HATE Freedom?

Hum... if you happen to visit cdfe about us you will notice that they get money the old fashion way by begging for it - as a contribution based system protected by the Red Communist Dominated Nanny State, since they are a Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Tax Code, probably because they felt it would be a safer Red Communist Rat Bastard Hiding place than had they grown the courage of their convictions and decided that they were really a Religious Organization based upon their personal best in personal science fiction...

Now do not get me wrong here. I have nothing against the EVILS of communist rat bastards stabbing our troops in the back because they hate america and hate freedom - but it is a bit amusing when the level of self referentially destructive wankage gets, well, THAT BIG!!! Size Matters You Know.

The current hot rocket in play is the really cool new trend in Post Surrealism as the RINO Rave Gets Ripping At The Reach Around!!!

You see, the problem is that the evil liberal environmentalists are evil because they are all racists who hate poor people... you see, poor people is really a race, so it is a racism by hating poor people, because the evil Elitist Racist White Biggots like Obama just do not care for the Poor People. This is why their envirionmental policy does not support the cost reductions that would come about by not allowing the global economic to be an economic influence on the cost of globalized products like fuel liquids.

Yes you can get deeper into it with a book that has been supported by Sean Hannity, that tells the truth about how all of the Evil Liberal Racists are BAD PEOPLE because they are BAD!!!

Hum.... what if the new Religion of Market Triumphalism, formerly known merely as the true belief in the Free Marketeers, were, well, in as many structuralist problems as other religious approaches to why we must stop the Evil Liberal Racists Who Are BAD!!!

What if we merely recycled all of the Evil Liberal Racist Bad People into bio-diesels, then we would have an environmentally friendly way to find a date for HanoiAnnie Coulter!!!

Thank god we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They leading the War On Pre-Post-Surrealism!!!

Anything less and the Reality Based Community Would Make Commitments to Reality!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics, religion, war

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