drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Evil Princess Sparkle Pony Leads the Way!!!

How embarrassing:
South African troops have been deployed for the first time in an effort to stop attacks on foreigners that have left 42 dead and forced thousands to flee.
"The screams of the burning Mozambican still haunt me. When I close my eyes to try to sleep, I see the man screaming for help. But no-one helps him," she said.

"I have never seen such barbarism."

[ cf S Africa troops sent onto streets ]
Shocking Just ShockinG!

When we all know that the americans could do far more violence to our refuge population in america if it were not for the evils of Liberalism, and the Moral Morass of eight debilitating years of failed klintonesta assaults on our white christian America!!!

Clearly now more than EVER! Americans NEED RoboBushCheney!!
They Shiney!!!

So that we can restore the Pride and take back the Number One Poll Position for being abot to rampage against those whom we feel we should be rampaging over!!!

Yes Boys And NonVotingMembersOfTheSilentInPublicBecauseOurNationIsOurChurch we must do our part to restore the PRIDE in being able to be that committed!!!
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