drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Bush Openly Advocates Persecuting Christians!

Hey boys and girls check this out, and from our friends at Voice Of America, under the rubric that he wants More Troops For Darfur...

Responding to a query in a question-and-answer session with Republican supporters in Florida, President Bush says he has discussed the rebel issue with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and remains committed to finding a solution.

The Lord's Resistance Army is comprised mainly of northern Ugandans who say that President Museveni is ignoring their area. The group has little in the way of a political agenda and is best known for kidnapping children to use as porters, sex slaves, and future fighters.

[ cf Voa ]
It is comical watching him come out on the Side of God Hating Communists Opposed to Christians who are valiantly fighting against the Evils of Modern SeXular Humanism!!!!

So why should the american troops be sent into Africa to persecute African Christians? Come On Folks Give It Up! Can't we be happy enough staying CONUS and merely persecuting african-american christians? Do we really need to go abroad to do our persecuting????

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