drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Gore Blimey The NBC News IS Demonic Gertie The GolfCart Gollum

We Are SHOCKED!!! Just SHOCKED!!! to learn that the Evil NBC News was caught reporting on the President and the White House IS Oppose to the Defeatist Policies of The Evil Liberal Media:
The White House criticized NBC News on Monday for what aides to President Bush called "deceitful" editing of an interview in which Bush was asked whether comments about the president of Iran were directed at Sen. Barack Obama.

Bush aides were angered by the way the president's answer was portrayed when correspondent Richard Engel asked about his address to the Israeli parliament last week.

[ cf White House criticizes NBC News' editing of Bush interview ]
Hello!!! Of Course the Evil Liberals, are evil, and liberal and ERS!!!

Of course they have shifted their defeatist agenda because they are no longer supporting the president to support the troops!!!

Go and Check Out the Evil NBC News Report that they have up on their blog!!! Not ONCE did the NBC News people admit that they have accepted Dubya as their person lord and savior, which clearly shows that they are merely God Hating America Bashers.

What more need we say but thank GOD that we have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

Clearly the Department of Homeland Security should have already always have been rounding up the Golf Players at NBC News who are Unwilling to Support the President To Support The News!!!
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