drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Some People are Latently Golfers.

The God Hating America Bashers over at Komrade Party KOS noted that the ongoing RINO RAVE is getting Seriously down to the short strokes and the putting green:
There are barely words for this:
"John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross," Everhart said as she began the second day of the state GOP convention. "He never denounced God, either."
Yes folks, John McCain was shot down and held captive for your sins. Deification. All the rage in Republican circles.
[ cf WWJMD ]
Try to remember boys and girls, when those RINO's are doing a comparison between McCain And Jesus, it is not like they are comparing him to Jesus. Since Comparison and Comparing are clearly two different words.

Yes boys and nonPatrioticAllAmericanTypes, this is why we MUST have RoboBushCheney
They Shiney!!!

They Not Stabbing Troops In The Back by Failing to support the president.

They Not Playing Golf To Be Pro-Tee_Is_For_Terrorism!!!


Americans must ask if they can afford to have RINO Raves in their neighborhoods!!! Or is it time to root out the unbelievers who have not accepted the divinity of Dubya as their Personal Lord And Savior!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, religion, war

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