drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Rumsfeld Might Try Truthfulness

Ok, call me WACKY and all that. But he is whining about the unpleasantry that the US Military is not good at Marketting Itself Around the World as the Evil Types Are....

Gosh, it is funny that Rummy is also whining that he Officially Opposes the President and Vice President, and their policy of reserving the right to torture, since, well Gosh if Rummy is trying to also sell the "we do not torture" line, then gosh, how does he square that with the Position of the CIC and Vice CIC...

Which, gosh, might be complicating the problem that the Government is having with selling the Position of the American Military as a Product that everyone just wants to own... Gosh, then there is that problem with our Troops in Iraq having to work out which side they are suppose to be on with regards to Supporting the Iraqi Interior Ministry's policies on Death Squads and Torture, given their own unresolved policy position on Using Women as Hostages....

Then there is that problem with Gitmo, and which is the Policy we have towards the keeping of Hostages, with or without access to a chance of being, well convicted, or executed, or.... And that of course is complicated again by the whole should America Support American Law, and/or will we wait for the UN to give up hating us, so that we can invade Iran....

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